• Grow with Chandra Lakshmi

    Subscription Rewards Program

  • Dear Patron

    It is our honour and privilege to announce our Sapphire Anniversary, the 45th year of our existence. It takes a passage of time, consistency and a strong moral compass to build a name and trust for yourself. And here we stand after 45 years. Evolving with time, growing with our subscribers. We are thankful for this journey, and want to reward you for your patronage.

  • How the Rewards work



    Subscriptions to chits before September 30th 2021, by you or your referrals are eligible for the offer



    Earn 5,000 points for every Rs. 5,00,000 chit subscribed,

    More subscription = More Points



    Points entitle you to receive National Savings Certificate without any charges, no hidden fees, no tom-foolery

  • Groups Eligible for the Rewards Program

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    Rs. 7 Lakh

    35 months

    Rs. 20,000 p.m.

    Best for Economy

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    Rs. 12 Lakh

    12 months

    Rs. 1 Lakh p.m.

    Best for Short Term

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    Rs. 21 Lakh

    35 months

    Rs. 60,000 p.m.

    Best for Business

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    Rs. 30 Lakh

    24 months

    Rs. 1.25 Lakh p.m.

    Car / House / Machinery